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Teaching young athletes how to move efficiently and exercise properly can reduce the chances of injuries by up to 50% during sports games and activities. This includes improving self-esteem, body and spacial, awareness and promoting a healthier lifestyle at an early age.

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I combine full body strength, interval training, flexibility, endurance, and balance movements to create a healthy synergistic balance throughout your entire body. This full body training program will help boost your metabolism, reduce lower back and joint pain, and increase your daily energy level.

I have experience teaching one on one and group training in commercial gyms, small studios, home gyms, and even outdoor workouts in the park. Since my client range goes from ages 8 to 92 years old, each workout has to be tailored to the individual.

I work in a variety of locations in New York City and Bergen County New Jersey, along with in home training as well.

I will provide a sound client trainer support system to make your fitness transformation experience a great one! 

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Bill Trimble


Hello, my name is Bill Trimble, I have a B.S. in Physical Education, finishing up a master degree in health education this fall of 2015, CSCS certified (certified strength and conditioning specialist) since 2010.  I am also CPR certified and insured.

I have worked as a PE teacher, fitness trainer, group trainer, youth sports coach, nutritional guide, and health and fitness motivator for the past 15 years. I have a wide range of experience in health and fitness settings, pre and post rehabilitation, along with injury prevention training methods for youth athletes.

Working out in a gym on your own and trying to find a reputable trainer can be a difficult task and very overwhelming for most people. I pride myself in the ability to empower, educate, and create effective exercise programs based on the each client’s own goals.

Youth Strength and Conditioning/ Injury Prevention Program
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